P68 FAQ: Sanctuary in New Z-land

March 12th, 2014
Pittsburgh 68, Shuffling Horror FAQ

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It has been confirmed – the zombie outbreak has hit New Zealand! A Zombie Master there sent us an email regarding the game’s Sanctuary cards. In Pittsburgh 68, there are two Sanctuary cards: The Car and The Cellar. Both provide shelter for the survivors to rest – but these may not last long as they are subject to zombie attacks once they become occupied with “fresh meat”.

(C) 2014 GameWick Games LLCHere are the questions from Brett in New Z-land.

“Is it a Player action or Survivor action to enter a sanctuary?”

Answer: Move is a survivor action (p8); if a player has multiple survivors in play, one or all can be moved into the sanctuary. A player is free to act with those who don’t move. There are only two Player actions that prohibit multiple survivor actions: Reveal and Take+Attack.

“It is unclear as to what survivors can do in the shelter. Can they take an action or do they miss their action to gain the spoints?”

Answer: A survivor forfeits their action to gain spoints (p3). A survivor cannot act or attack while in a sanctuary – they are hiding/resting. Taking the spoints commits that survivor to staying in the sanctuary until the player’s next turn. If they choose NOT to take the spoints, the survivor freely returns to a player’s hand and may immediately act. The MOVE into the sanctuary is an action, the return is not.

(C) 2014 GameWick Games LLC “It seems that the spoints gained from a sanctuary are general spoints not character spoints. Is this correct?”

Answer: No, sanctuary spoints are character spoints. The only general spoints in the game are the seven that each player starts with (p4). All spoints gained after the game begins (via Rest) are character spoints and placed on that survivor’s card.

“The plot device card “Run For It” affects all survivors in play and if a survivor fails the check they get attacked by a zombie. Survivors in sanctuaries are affected by plot devices but can’t usually be attacked. Can they be attacked in this case if they fail the check?”

Answer: Yes, they can be attacked. Run For It is the only Plot Device card that affects every in-play survivor, even those in a sanctuary. When we play Pittsburgh 68 at game conventions we explain that Run For It triggers the scene in the movie where the survivors forgot to check that one closet in the room or don’t to look in the back seat of the car… While they thought they were safe, they suddenly discover they have a zombie problem in their hiding spot. Run For It is a short-lived zombie attack but critical to allow the zombies a breaching point.

Thanks for the questions and keep on shuffling!


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