Roswell 51: Playtesting

August 10th, 2014
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SH R51 Front Page NewsRoswell. 1951. The aliens have returned with a vengeance! Can a group of survivors hold off a swarm of extraterrestrial horror and save the day? Will they make it to the end of the movie even?!? Only the cards and dice will tell!

In Pittsburgh 68 players were Clutched, Stumbled, Lurched and Surged by zombies. In Roswell 51, get ready to Swarmed, Spored, Probed and Blobbed by aliens!

Roswell 51 is next in our Shuffling Horror series. It is a mash-up of 1950s alien invasion movies where survivors have to do their thing: SURVIVE! As they fall, the players take on the role of Pod People, helping the Alien Master in his grand plan to take over the world. And the invasion begins in Roswell!

This is our third round of playtests and things are tightening up! We had initial playtests in the fall of 2013 at Metatopia. The next round hit at Origins Game Fair this year. And now, the third round will be played at Gen Con 2014. Each and every round of playtests with our friends and fans helps us to fine tune the game. Big thanks to everyone who is helping to shuffle the horror!

Stay tuned to this frequency for more updates on how it goes…

In the meantime, play Pittsburgh 68!


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