Goth Chick Shuffles The Horror!

May 11th, 2019

FB-SQR-SHB-2018I had sent a Shuffling Horror press kit to Sue Granquist (aka Goth Chick News) over at Black Gate Magazine; a site I’ve been a lurker on for a few years now as they cover a wide array of geeky topics (games, lit, cinema, conventions, ancient history, The Shadow). I was not prepared for the review that was posted, but, here’s how it begins:

“You know how you feel when you meet a new friend and there’s an instant connection? Someone you know will just ‘get you’ and who you’ll now want to spend all your time with, texting them, stalking them on social media, finding out where they live and driving by, and…”

And here’s how it ends:

“Oh, and Larry – that’ll be my black car parked outside your house this weekend.”

Now, everything else in between is the most ebullient review of our Shuffling Horror system that I have ever read. Being sent our press packet cold, with no clue what to expect upon opening, Sue utterly grasped what our creepy little game system is all about. From the art to the GM style, her review nails the B-movie spirit of our indie game. The review is written in a style that aligns with the type of fun we have with our friends and fans at conventions. And for the record, I never use the word ebullient… but… yeah… such a great review!

If you only read one board game review this year, make it this one!

Read the full Goth Chick News review here.

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