The Robot Rules

September 30th, 2017
Roswell 51, Shuffling Horror FAQ

The Robot is one of the twelve survivors in Shuffling Horror: Roswell 51. Two rules define the Robot’s special powers and make it stand apart from the human survivors (it is the only character card with rules noted on it). Since the game’s release this summer, a few players have contacted us regarding these abilities.


Starts With 6 Spoints

Whenever the Robot enters play, it automatically begins with six spoints (survivor points). This even occurs if the Robot is a player’s starting character (starting characters never begin with spoints; the Robot┬áis the only character who breaks this rule). The same applies if the Robot is drawn as a secondary character, it immediately gains six spoints (whereas all other characters only gain three). In this way, the Robot always begins stronger than the humans it protects and serves. The spoints represent the Robot’s superior strength and intellect.

Armor: Use Muscle For Flail Tests

Like most robots in 1950s sci-fi flicks, the Robot is covered with protective plate armor. Similarly, the Robot is not known for its speed (this is the reason the Robot has no SPEED score). The Robot lumbers forward making all of its flail checks (defense rolls) versus its high MUSCLE score (an 8).

And, yes… The Robot can be spored just like all other survivors in Shuffling Horror:┬áRoswell 51. As the rulebook notes, such a demise is treated as if the aliens have altered its programming to destroy all humans…

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