Power Play Rules

October 27th, 2017
Roswell 51, Shuffling Horror FAQ

Here’s a tip for Shuffling Horror: Roswell 51¬†game set-up. The Roswell 51 movie deck includes three Power Play cards (the red colored cards in the deck). These cards benefit the players and only two Power Play cards should be used for play.¬†Including all three Power Play cards in the movie gives the survivors a significant advantage!

Before the game begins, the Director can set these up in the three slots on the movie screen (as shown below), and then roll a single die to randomly determine which to exclude. Rolling a 1 or 2 eliminates the first card, 3 or 4 the second, 5 or 6 the third. In this way, the players will know how the deck is stacked. The remaining two cards are then shuffled into the deck and the movie can begin!


If you have any questions on game set-up or rules, feel free to contact us.

Stay tuned for more Shuffling Horror playing tips!

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