Shuffling Horror Week: Day 3 at Time Warp Comics & Games

October 29th, 2014
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–Shuffling Horror Week Update: Day 3, Monday–

With back-to-back wins for the Midnite Shuffler and his zombies,  the fifth game in our Shuffling Horror Week series got underway at Time Warp Comics and Games (Cedar Grove, NJ). The Shuffler sat down against three players, who were all new to the game. Each was dealt three survivors and the horror got underway. It was a game that would be remembered for a very long time…

Zombies flooded the field in Reel 1 and had the survivors on the run for their lives. The zombie dice were hot, the survivor dice not: all players lost one survivor in the first reel. A sanctuary was revealed, The Car, and, seeing the way the game was heavily in the zombies’ favor, the Shuffler let the players decide if they wanted to play the alt rule, Backseat Zombie. He warned them that it might lead to a future zombie attack to whoever went into the Car first. The players thought that sounded like fun (the Shuffler’s undead heart joyfully missed a beat). One random card was thrown in the backseat for later enjoyment.

And then things got worse… Reel 2 was an unbelievable wave of Three Card Zombies and the Shuffler’s hand quickly grew to three full throngs and the start of a fourth! At the end of Reel 2 the first survivor player was eliminated and the Turning Point endgame mechanic was triggered.

And then things got EVEN worse… What happened in Reel 3 was unbelievable. It was another reel loaded with Three Card Zombie bonuses from the start. Before the reel actually began, this is what happened:


The 12 o’clock position is the Zombie Master. The 6 o’clock position was the second Zombie Player.

Team Zombie could not benefit from another Three Card Zombie bonus: both Zombie players reached their three throng max. They could take and replace, but just look at that mess above: the survivors were surrounded by zombies and the Dealt Hand was loaded, too. The survivors did not stand a chance. It wasn’t long before the third player joined Team Zombie and the final player was whittled down to a lone survivor.

The Last One Standing was the Kid Sister, who immediately dove into The Car. A zombified Nurse was hiding in the backseat; luckily, the Nurse failed her attack! The Kid Sister hunkered down in the Car, praying it would hold. The zombie horde assembled for the final wave of attacks: nine attacks (includes Nurse in car), seven of which were from three fully loaded throngs.

The attacks began from the Zombie Player at the 6 o’clock position above. The Car was destroyed quickly, sending the Kid Sister into the woods and running for her life. This did free her from the Nurse attack. The second Zombie Player did a Take and Attack off the wall, the zombified Business Man. The Kid Sister flailed away.

The Shuffler was the last to attack. He had four attacks. The Kid Sister flailed away from the first two. The third throng fumbled (rolled a 12) which allowed a counter attack by the Kid Sister! The Shuffler’s final attack, a lone King of the Zombies, took one final bite…

She rolls and…

The Kid Sister Survives!


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