Shuffling Horror Week: Day 6 at 1 Up Collectibles

October 31st, 2014
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–Shuffling Horror Week Update: Day 6, Thursday–

The Shuffler and his zombies arrived for their first game in Pennsylvania (zombie home turf). The game was played at 1 Up Collectibles in West Reading, PA. Four players showed up to put some hurt on the zombies, who were now behind by one point. The zombies needed this victory to give them a chance of winning the series.

The Shuffler managed to eliminate one player at the mid-point of Reel 2. A second player was eliminated at the end of that same reel, which triggered the Turning Point (the number of zombie players was equal to the number of survivor players). Turning Point came too late to benefit the survivors – there were no cards left in the reel. The two remaining players still had two full reels to go!

The third player fell in Reel 3, leaving the last player with two Survivors in play. The third reel was also played out to its completion point. The zombies had one reel to finish off these stragglers.

Luckily in Reel 4, one of the two survivors was eliminated, leaving the Sheriff as the Last One Standing. He did his best, but just wasn’t quick enough…

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