Shuffling Horror Week 2015: Game 2

October 28th, 2015
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The grim loss of Game 1 galvanized the Survivors into a force to be reckoned with. While there were plenty of opportunities for the zombies to overwhelm the Survivors, bad dice rolls plagued their every action. On the other hand, the Survivors never missed a beat; as the zombie throngs pressed forward, they were obliterated. The Sheriff + Gas Cocktail was a devastating combo, but even the Kid Brother and Little Sister did their part to thin out the herd. Both Sanctuaries were in play by Reel 2, but neither were ever entered (that’s the kind of game it was). The Director’s only consolation was that, as the film faded to black, all co-op spoints were spent (the Survivors burned them all at the end of Reel 4 just for fun).

SHW-15-Score-11Director vs How Many Players: 4

How Many Reels Played: 4

Last One Standing: Everyone but the Nurse and Mechanic.

Who Won: Survivors

Alternate rules used were Survivor Draw Pile, Continuity, and Cover + Attack. Here’s a link to alternate rules info.

Note: Remaining in-store event times/info is posted here.

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