The Mid Season Shuffle

May 23rd, 2013
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To celebrate the halfway point in our 68 game Zombie World Series, we’re throwing down a mini-series this Memorial Day weekend. We’re calling it the Mid Season Shuffle! We’ve asked our crew of Zombie Masters to join in the fun by running a game or two. We will track the results of these games and the team (Survivors or Zombies) with the most victories gains a 3 point bonus to their Zombie World Series score.

 As the current score is Survivors 18 and Zombies 16, the Zombies need this win badly!

 Also, all games can use The Backseat Zombie rules:

If The Car appears, the Zombie Master buries a random card from The Dead Pile underneath it. This mystery card is only revealed when a Survivor enters the car. At that point the card is revealed and the following applies:GG-tm-ZedZombie tm

If it is an ITEM card, the Survivor may automatically take it or they may leave it there for anther Survivor (who must enter The Car to get it)

If it is a ZOMBIE card, it gets an immediate attack on the Survivor. The zombie stays at the Car until the zombie is destroyed. Until then, there is no resting bonus in the Car…

If it’s a PLOT DEVICE or SHUFFLING HORROR card, it is played immediately. There is also a slight chance that The Cellar is revealed; in such a case it is immediately put into play!

Stay tuned for the results!

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