The Random Trove Roll

January 18th, 2014
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This year we’re hard at work on a new and exciting WEGS Old Skool rulebook. It’s long overdue and we are jamming it full of all the stuff we’ve compiled over the last six years of our convention games. It will also include a ton of topics our fans have been asking for advice on and the Dingbitt’s Dunge O Doom ruleset. It will be one mighty tome! More on all this will be leaked out in the next few months…

What we can tell you RIGHT now is that a chapter is
FB-Trove-Roll-77dedicated to trove items for your Old Skool adventures. From potions to skrowls to enchanted swords and magic rings, all sorts of goodies await!

Each trove item has a chance to be truly unique. Just like Arkreation (character creation), trove involves rolling dice to determine the quantity found and the quality of an item. A series of simple reference tables guide the player through the creation process.

As WEGS fans would expect, much hinges on the luck of the dice roll. Not all trove items are going to be grand and glorious relics of power, but, if the dice align, some pretty cool trove items will be found! A hero can get stuck with some pretty nasty cursed items, too…

To help us playtest all this out (and to give our fans a little sneak peek at what we have in the works), we’ll be doing Random Trove Roll postings on our blog. Here’s this week’s Trove Roll!

Random Trove Roll

Sheaths: (Minor Trove) A sheath is a covering to carry and secure a weapon in place. These sheaths imbue their weapons with four enchanted charges, each causing INI (RR1s) elemental wounds. Before the INI roll, a spoint may be paid to allow RR2s.

(Roll a d6 to determine the type of the sheath)

1-2      Baldric of Ice
3-4      Scabbard of Fire
5-6      Quiver of Zing (4 poison arrows)

D6 charges renew each dawn. The max charges for the sheath/weapon are four per day.

I rolled a “3” – the Scabbard of Fire is all mine!


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