The Ultimate Dungeon Party

March 26th, 2014
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Are you looking for some awesomely old skool, sword-n-sorcery heroes to spice up your home game?!? Well, the Ultimate Dungeon Party is just what you need!  The Ultimate Dungeon Party is an advanced hero deck for WEGS Old Skool play. This fifty-four card deck contains all the skills and spells for six new heroes: a holy rolling Templar;  a battle-dancing Glaivemaiden; a poisonous Sneak; a devilish Warlock; a slap-happy Monk; a mighty, mighty Dungeoneer!

In classic WEGS style, there’s no rulebook for these new characters. The skill cards tell you everything you need to know about each new Arketype. All you have to do is deal out the deck and get the party started!


Be advised, the Ultimate Dungeon Party (UDP) contains advanced characters and play best in the hands of those familiar with the WEGS system. These heroes follow the simple WEGS Old Skool core rules, but are also granted powerful system cheats, special weapons, and dangerous lore. They stand strong as individual characters, but can be played right alongside the original Old Skool heroes (Warrior, Ranger, Trickster, Mage, and Sage).

These heroes have what it takes to withstand whatever the dungeon is going to throw at ’em!

Power up your WEGS game with the Ultimate Dungeon Party!

For sale here!


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