Trove Roll: Enchanted Ring

November 8th, 2014
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Grandult the Mage looked down at the iron grate in the dungeon floor and bemusedly announced, “In a hole in the ground there lived a Gnobbit…”  His adventuring party gathered round and looked down with him.

“It’s quite the nasty, dirty, wet hole, ain’t it?”, remarked Gurk the Goblin Ranger as he bit into a fresh rat.

“How long have you been thus trapped, oh Gnobbit?”, Grandult asked.

A suffering voice from the shadows of the dungeon trap murmured, “About a week… Will you free me, kind Mage? I have valuable skills that may be of use to your party.”

“Your skills seem to get you stuck in some very tight spaces”, chortled the Mage.

“We shall pass!”

He turned to go.

“Wait!” cried the Gnobbit. There was a moment of silence. A furry hand came up through the grate. In its palm sat a simple golden ring…

“I can offer you this…”

It’s Random Trove Roll Time!

Enchanted Ring of…FB-Trove-Roll-77

This ring holds one Mage or Sage spell. There is INI% that it holds two spells (and these need not be from the same realm).

First, determine the percent chance that the ring holds that extra spell by rolling an INI score: (2d6+2d10).
–I rolled a 19 for my INI score.–

Second, make a D% roll versus this mark.
–I failed this roll; the ring holds a single spell.–

Third, select a random Mage or Sage spell by shuffling the WEGS Old Skool spell deck and drawing the appropriate number of cards.
–I drew this Mage spell:–

Jumpin’ Jazzophat

The wearer has the ability to jump like mad!

The ring holds four charges, which are spent to blast its spell (no Cast is required). The blast requires the wearer to succeed an INGENUITY% or GRACE% test (as per the spell). No charge is spent on failed activations and no spoints are due for a successful blasting. The wearer maintains the spell upkeep (Spante).

An amazing benefit of this ring is that the ring itself bears the enchantment, not the wearer. The spell functions at a  Level 4 blasting level. In this case, the ring grants the wearer four enchanted jumps (see spell description for full info).

Each dawn, if on the finger of its living (or even undead) host, the ring renews one of its charges; it cannot hold more than four. Note that a ring will not divulge which spell it holds unless it is on a host’s finger. It is the Kreator’s call whether removing the ring comes with a spoint drain penalty (similar to Fervor or Magic Drain). Enchanted rings do not like being separated from their host.

Grandult reached for the ring, but the Gnobbit quickly withdrew his hand.

“Free me first and the ring is yours…”


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