Trove Roll: Lucky Bones

November 28th, 2014
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Dimlix the Dwarf slammed his hammer down hard upon the chest, causing copper coins to shoot out on all sides. He loved a good exploding chest (be it treasure or ogre) and, besides, he hated standing about waiting for the party’s thief, Jinko, to assess if the chest was trapped. It was easiest to just smash it and deal with the consequences.

Dimlix quickly fell to knee and sifted through the scattered copper, ever vigilant for a glint of something shiny or golden. It was, however, an old bone on a bit of rope that caught his eye. The Dwarf typically did not waste time on curiosities; he liked cash in hand and hated bartering trinkets to wizards. However, when he touched this thing, it grew warm in his hammer-hardened hand. “What manner of treasure are you?” he breathed upon it from under his heavy helm.

And then looked over at the Game Master for more info…FB-Trove-Roll-77

Lucky Bones

These are the supercharged bone fragments of a legendary magical or mystical creature. They possess a lingering power that aids those who keep them near. If their keeper is of the same realm, all he/she must do is to call down their power and it is immediately bestowed. If the keeper is not of the same realm, the power costs a spoint to activate.

The bones can be used thrice per day (three charges) and will be one of four types (roll a d6):

1-2: Allows holder to re-roll 1s and 2s on their Damage Die roll.

3-4: Allows holder to force their opponent to re-roll 5s or 6s on their Damage Die roll.

5: Allows holder to re-roll a failed Invulnerability test.

6: Allows holder to force an opponent to re-roll a successful Invulnerability test.

Olde Bones: There is an INI% chance that the bones possess all of the abilities noted above.

Now… Let’s roll this out and find out what kind of bones we have!

First, roll a d6 to determine realm: Magic or Mystic.
–Roll a d6: 1-3 Magic, 4-6 Mystic.  I roll a “4”. These bones are Mystic.–

Second, roll a d6 to determine the type of bones (on the table above).
–I roll a “4”. An opponent re-rolls 5s or 6s on their Damage Die roll.–

Third, check if these are Olde Bones via an INI Roll, (2d10 + 2d6)%.
–I establish a 21 INI% base, but roll 26% on the test. No such luck!–

The Game Master can now tell Dimlix what he has found: a bone from a mystical beast, one that would be fearsome enough to force an attacker to quiver at their sight. But what beast? And what bones? The Kreator thinks hard and has a flash of inspiration:

“You hold in your hands the talus of the mystic androsphinx.

Each time you call upon it, a terrible roar shall make your foe quake!”

Dimlix the Dwarf takes a moment to secure the talus to his belt.

His gaze turns back to the Game Master…

“And how many copper pieces did you say there were?”


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