Trove Roll: The Eleventh Day of WEGS-mas

January 5th, 2015
The WEGS Fray, Trove Roll

Today marks the eleventh day in our twelve day Trove Roll series. All of the prior rolls are tracked here. Today’s roll, however, was a bit unusual; it’s getting its very own blog post. It may seem odd to do this so late in the game, but I am stepping back to explain how a trove roll is made. This will explain why today’s roll is so special.

FB-Trove-Roll-77When a game master rolls for trove, the first table referenced is Table I: Trove Table Generator (d%). As noted in the title, the GM will roll their percentile dice for this table. The result is cross-referenced on the table and establishes what type of trove is found. As any WEGS player would expect, Wicked Success results (01, 02, 03) trigger something very very good, while Wicked Failure results (97, 98, 99, 00) trigger something awful.

The first roll today was “01” – a Wicked Success! Such a result on the table reads: “Roll thrice more on this table (ignore Wicked Failures).”

I now had to determine three trove items, instead of just one. My next roll was “03” – another Wicked Success! This result reads: “Roll twice more on this table.”

One roll spiraled into four. And here’s how they rolled out…

Mystic Skrowl: Blessed Warrior
The spell on the skrowl is unlocked when the user looks upon its inscriptions and intentionally acknowledges its power. A skrowl bypasses the Cast phase. Once unlocked, the spell has a success mark of 88% for its use, 8 SPS for its strength, and an 8 inning duration. Skrowls are 8/88 items. The success roll is based on the skrowl’s innate Grace/Ingenuity; it is not a character test for the inning.

Mystic Potion: Sphere of Light
Potion use is similar to skrowl use; once imbibed the potion has a success mark of 88% for its use and 8 SPS for its strength. Its duration is variable: it lasts 2d6 innings. The user can maintain the spell effect beyond this as per normal spell upkeep methods.

Weapon: Short Bow
+2 RS. This bonus was determined via a roll on Table II: Strength Bonus (INI Roll). This table randomly generates bonuses from +1 (common) to +6 (extremely rare).

Loot: Ring of Strength
+2 RS. Realm:Neutral. The ring has eight charges. It can be activated at any time to immediately enhance a strength score (from Inning thru Spante or vice versa).

For this last item, Ring of Strength, there is a Cursed Ring sub-table. It reads: “Ring of Weakness: There is (d10 x 2)% chance that the ring is cursed and has the exact opposite effect. It will activate at the most inopportune time (as per the whim of the Kreator). Such rings bond with their wearer and can only be removed by powerful incantations.”

Luckily, this ring failed that test!

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