WEGS Old Skool-Basic Character Creation

February 21st, 2019
The WEGS Fray

Are you ready to dungeon crawl?!? For those of you signed up for a WEGS Old Skool Fantasy game at Gary Con (or for those of you who just want to know more about this WEGS stuff), here’s the No Roll Hero PDF. It’s a quick overview of WEGS character creation and introduces some basic rules of play, too. For those familiar with the system, you’ll notice the No Roll character sheet is a stripped-down version of our classic character sheet. While designed for intro play, it also includes a new mechanic called the Heroic Edge (some of you might call this a “saving throw”). You will want to check those rules out as they might save you a Phew point or two someday…

The guide also introduces you to Gorgax The Barbarian,
illustrated in the classic old skool stylings of Brian “Glad” Thomas.


Currently in the works… the WEGS BOSS Rules.

BOSS –  Our Basic Old Skool System

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