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March 5th, 2019
The WEGS Fray

We’re dropping some down-n-dirty basic shield rules into our WEGS Old Skool Fantasy games at Gary Con this year – and it’s about time! Of course, there are some rules and limitations to go along with the upgrade (and these are all playtest rules). Read on, you shield-carrying dungeon dwellers!

(Oh yeah, here’s the full GameWick at Gary Con events list.)

Shield (Odd Skill, 77%, 1 spoint)PIC-SQR-DICEY-SHIELDRULES
The shield is a warrior skill; so, warriors automatically have this as part of their base skill set. It is an Odd Skill, with a 77% success rate and costs a spoint (spell point) each use. The shield is activated in lieu of the character’s INVULNERABILITY roll (a really good thing to use, if your invulnerability has been gimped by an opponent). If successful, the shield stops ALL damage. If it fails, the character takes HALF damage.

Shield Limitations
A shield takes one attack action to ready; when active, only single-handed melee weapons can be used. The shield is only beneficial versus melee attacks that the character is aware of (not back attacks) and may also be used versus short range hurled weapons or ballistic attacks.

Wear and Tear
A shield suffers wear and tear. Each full hit it takes is tracked by the player (basically, the shield is suffering the damage that the character isn’t). When a shield has taken a total of 200 wounds, each and every hit after that is the percent chance the shield is rendered useless. It must be mended or fixed. Alt Idea: Every 200 hits reduces the shield one level in effectiveness: Level 4, 77%. Level 3, 55%. Level 2, 33%, Level 1, 11%. If reduced to level zero it is useless!

Good Shots, Bad Shots, and the Wicked
For any shield defense roll, if a Wicked Success and Good Shot is rolled, the shield does not take any damage. However, a Wicked Failure causes double damage to the shield and knocks it into a non-ready state. A bad shot failure (rolling an 80 or 90) causes the character to suffer FULL wounds (instead of the normal HALF for failure).

Currently in the works… the WEGS BOSS Rules.


BOSS –  Our Basic Old Skool System

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