April 24th, 2017
Conventions, Gary Con, The WEGS Fray

Just dropping this here, Old Skoolers… We owe you some details of all the fun we had at Gary Con Gaming Convention last month, and share some secrets on all of the new stuff we introduced – there was a VORPAL HARE that tore apart the party… AND… our unveiling of a new basic module THE CAVES OF UTTER CHAOS… AND… a vicious first run thru of the TOMB OF UTTER HORRORS… AND… that spiffy new character sheet you see peeking out from under the great WANDERING MINSTREL EYE (some of you might have met the WME at Gen Con 2016; he was the big baddy in our 99 LOW LEVEL ORCS event).


So, yeah… WOSF!

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