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February 10th, 2015
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Old Skool Fantasy at Gary Con 2015

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Join us for full throttle sword-n-sorcery action at Gary Con 2015 (March 26 – 29). Here is a full list of the WEGS Old Skool Fantasy events we will be running at the convention. All rules taught! All you need is a sense of adventure to join in the fun!

B2 Keep on the Borderlands (WOSF)
When: Thurs @ 2pm and Sat @ 11 am
Duration: 2.5 hours
Get ready for classic dungeon crawling fun with a whole new system! We’re cracking open the Gary Gygax’s module Keep on the Borderlands and heading straight into the dread Caves of Chaos! Fantastic heroes will be created in minutes and, moments later, face-to-face with terrible foes. The cultists and minotaur and owlbear and oozes are waiting! Maybe even a wight if you pick the wrong cave.

A Plump Half-Dead Merchant and His WifeNO ROLL HERO SHEET
When: Thurs and Saturday @8 pm
Duration: 3.5 hours
One line of descriptive text in Gary Gygax’s Keep on the Borderlands module provides the inspiration for the title of this adventure and its plot. The party starts as prisoners chained to the wall in the dread Hobgoblin lair (Cave F, Room 24). When the game begins, each player selects one of the six prisoners to play: the plump, half-dead merchant (scheduled to be eaten tonight in a special banquet); the merchant’s wife (also slated for the big feast); one of the two men-at-arms who serve as a guard for the merchant; the orc who will fight goblins and hobgoblins gladly; or, perhaps, a crazy gnoll. Can this group band together and find a way out? Or are they just doomed to hang around for dinner?


Escape From The Dwarf Lord’s Tomb (WOSF)
When: Thurs and Fri @ 11 am
Duration: 2.5 hours
A fellowship of Dwarves, Elves, Gnobbits and Humnz are trapped in a Dwarven mine with only one way out – FIGHT! As wave after wave of hobgoblins, orcs, and ogres appear, the party must pull together and make a heroic last stand. This scenario is designed to guide players through their first Old Skool Fantasy character creation and show off the explosive combat encounters of WEGS, the Wickedly Errant Game System. If you’re lucky and things go really bad, you will learn about LAP and NDE (Lost Action Phases and Near Death Experience rolls)!

Play WEGS!

The cultists and minotaur and owlbear and oozes are waiting! Maybe even a wight if you pick the wrong cave.

Dingbitts Dunge O’ Doom (WOSF)
When: Fri and Sat @ 2 pm
Duration: 3 hours
You ain’t done dungeon til you done Dingbitts! A rag-tag party of sword-n-sorcery heroes are plunged into the randomly generated dungeon run by Dingbitt, a devilish halfling rogue. His magic dungeon is chock full of treasure, traps and monsters. The deeper the party delves, the bigger the booty (and the greater the peril, of course). It is up to the heroes to decide what it shall be: fabulous trove, worthy opponents or, perhaps, just to find a way out? Priorities change fast after you leave Level 1!

Elf Walks Into A Bar (BYOT)
When: Friday 8 pm
Duration: 3 hours
A rag-tag assortment of adventurers are having a real slow night at the Tongue of Dung, a seedy tavern in the bad part of a town called Ikkspatt. Never a dull moment in this joint. In one dark corner, an Elf Mage sleepily stares over her spellbook while her pet gargoyle looks hungrily about for scraps. Another table has a quartet of furry-footed Gnobbits getting way too loud with their “Shire this…” and “Shire that…” nonsense. And why does the village body snatcher keep going out to his cart to “count the bodies”? It is only a matter of time before someone says or does something that causes all hell to break loose. A rip-roaring intro to WEGS, the Wickedly Errant Game System. Bring Your Own Tankard.

How Many Heroes Does It Take To Slay A Dragon? (II)
When: Sunday 11am – 1:30pm
Duration: 2 hours
Come join the dragon-slaying party and let’s find out! New players are welcome to join us in this free-for-all dragon brawl. We will wrap up character creation in minutes, declare marching order, and then bring out the fire-breathing beasty. Feel free to bring characters played at our other Gary Con events (even last year’s if they survived). All heroes will be roasted in due course. Players are herewith warned: Nine players tried to dispatch the dragon last year and failed. She has had a year to recoil and grow larger. You will need to plan accordingly. Remember: screaming and running off the edge of the battle mat is always an option.

(Read lots more about our Gary Con dragon here.)


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