Santa Vs The Space Invaders – Print/Play Pack

December 28th, 2017
Roswell 51

For Our Fans!  Here it is – Santa Claus Vs. The Space Invaders – our first free print-n-play pdf release for Shuffling Horror! Get ready for a rip-roaring, sci-fi, holiday blockbuster as the Alien Warlord hatches an evil plot to kidnap Santa to ruin Christmas in Roswell. All normal Shuffling Horror rules are followed, however, a new “Capture” mechanic is introduced to bring a dramatic element of worry for the players! This holiday-themed pack features eight new characters and six new items – and just in time for your year-end holiday gaming blitz.

This free bonus pack is our way of thanking our friends and fans for all the support they gave us this year. As an indie game company, each and every fan matters to us. You are helping to spread the word on our wacky-n-quirky games and that means the world to us!

If you enjoy this pack, we want to hear from you – send us your post game results and pics!

PDF LINK: Santa Claus Vs The Space Invaders (Print N Play)


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