Shuffling Horror Week: Day 4 at All In One Collectibles

October 29th, 2014
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–Shuffling Horror Week Update: Day 4, Tuesday–

After the Kid Sister’s skin-of-her teeth victory in the last game, the Shuffler and his zombies hunkered down at All In One Collectibles (Randolph NJ) for the sixth game in the series. Due to some player cancellations, the game was played in an unusual fashion: versus one player who was dealt three independent Survivor hands.

Pittsburgh 68 is suggested for three to thirteen players. We shy away from recommending the game for two players as it takes away that whole “us versus them” atmosphere. The game becomes a single person’s strategy to survive and you don’t feel the dramatic impact of losing fellow players one-by-one. The strategy and banter between players also disappears. And the game is just a lot more fun when the Zombie Master has a group of victims to choose from!

For a two player session, the Zombie Master deals the single player three separate hands of characters; the player plays each independently (acting as if three different players). Each of these three players starts with their standard seven general spoints. The player declares which hand goes first, second, third, and then keeps to the clockwise order of the game. With three players slots, the first end game mechanic, The Turning Point, is triggered when one of these player hands is eliminated by the Zombie Master (as the number of zombie players (2) is now equal to the number of remaining survivor players (2)). The Zombie Master assumes control of this hand at its normal sequence. Just as the player managed multiple survivor hands from the start, the Zombie Master does the same.

Enough about playing one-on-one (we’ll probably cover this topic a lot more in a future post).

Back to the Shuffling Horror Week results…

The game went the full four Reels and the survivors almost made it to the end. The Bartender was the Last One Standing but wasn’t quick enough to withstand the final wave of zombie attacks…

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