Shuffling Horror Week: Day 5 at Time Warp

October 30th, 2014
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–Shuffling Horror Week Update: Day 5, Wednesday–

The seventh game in our Shuffling Horror Week series was played at Time Warp Comics and Games (Cedar Grove, NJ). This was the second time we played here this week (so, yes, we did the Time Warp again). Unlike the game from the prior night, this game was versus a quartet of survivor players (the toughest scenario to beat in Pittsburgh 68). This filled the Shuffler with a little trepidation. Each player was dealt their three survivor characters and the zombie horror began to unfold.

Reel 1. A cornucopia of weapons was revealed, and the survivors used these to keep the Shuffler and his zombies at bay. A “Surge” bonus was triggered though, and the zombie ranks swelled. These, too, were trimmed back effortlessly. The survivors suffered a single casualty.  Eleven survivors to go!

Reel 2. Like Sheriff Rick Grimes and his crew at the prison fence, the survivors continued to systematically whittle away the zombies as they arose. They stayed focused on this task and actually cleared every single zombie in sight – INCLUDING THOSE IN THE DEALT HAND. The Dealt Hand held two items and the Scream Queen power play card. It was about halfway through the reel and things looked dismal for the Shuffler. There was nothing to do but evoke a special rule: Clear The Slate.

A variant of Clipping the Reel, Clear the Slate allows the Zombie Master to clear the three cards in the dealt hand and replace with three new ones from the reel pile. This is costly to the reel, as you have just reduced it three cards. Luckily for the Shuffler, the three replacement cards were all zombies, and triggered a Three Card Zombie bonus. The Shuffler took one for his hand, and then triggered six more 3CZ! And then the Surge card appeared (which gave him 5 bonus zombies from the discard pile).

Things were looking rather grand for the Shuffler. For all their proficient zombie elimination, the Survivors now faced four full throngs!


Reel 3 and Reel 4: The Shuffler had the players on the run and even destroyed both sanctuaries. His undead joy was short lived, though. The Survivors pulled it together and got to work. In fact, they went into overtime and made it their mission that there wasn’t one stinking zombie left at the end of the fourth reel. The game ended in humiliation for the Shuffler…

Where’d all those zombies go?!?


Total Zombie Annihilation!


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