Shuffling Horror Week: Pittsburgh, Part 1-Games Unlimited

November 2nd, 2014
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–Shuffling Horror Week Update: Day 7, Halloween, Game #9–

It was a dark and stormy Halloween night when the Shuffler and his zombies crept into Pittsburgh for the final two games of our Shuffling Horror Week series.

PIC-SHW-Day7-GU22With the series tied at four wins each, Team Zombie would need back-to-back victories to win. Their first destination: Games Unlimited in Squirrel Hill. The store was prepared with appropriately colored team dice for this occasion: black and gold!

Three Survivors players arrived to be the first line of defense for Pittsburgh. The Shuffler dealt each three characters and the horror got underway. While they held it together in Reel 1, the survivors suffered heavy casualties in Reel 2. The zombies only grew more ravenous when the first player fell as that reel ended. The second player joined the undead ranks at the start of Reel 3 and, shortly thereafter, the final player was whittled down to her last character…

And it was unrevealed!

Imagine the Shuffler’s horror when the Last One Standing was revealed as The Kid Sister. She was the bane of his existence since her unbelievable victory earlier in the week. Unfortunately for her, the Kid Sister could do nothing but stand there looking horrified (as the Reveal counted as the player’s final action).

It was now three Zombie Players versus one Survivor Player.

The Kid Sister was not so lucky this time around.

Pittsburgh’s first line of defense fell…

The zombies were one step closer to winning the series! They began their undead shuffle to the north. Fittingly, this final game would be the one played closest to the area where Night of the Living Dead was filmed.

Slow Moving Zombies Rule!

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