Cast & Blast: Ill Will and Trotting Torches

February 27th, 2016
Cast Blast

Blog-Pic-CastBlast-600Time for a couple new spells for the Wegswyrld; did you learn the ones that were in our first Cast & Blast post?!? Below you will find one for the Mage and one for the Sage (we gotta keep the party balanced, right). We go heavy on the flavor text here, so the “spell descriptions” contain lots of little breadcrumbs to allow your mind to meander deeper into the Old Skool setting.

Detect Ill Will (Mystic)

The spell allows the sage to discover if a target possesses evil intentions and/or the nature of its baleful demeanor. The target may be a person/creature from any of the known realms (Magic or Mystic) or an item charged with a malevolent purpose. The intentions of a mundane creature, with no interest in the affairs of mortals, will send off a mostly neutral vibe. For example, a venomous spider is just doing what it does naturally and (probably) has no truly evil intent. Even a spider enchanted to an unusually large size via spellcraft is not evil-minded per se (despite its magically oversized physical proportions). This is not true if that same spider is under a warlock’s Dark Bidding spell. Such, too, is the case with Ethereal Guardian Spiders, malicious creatures from the magic realm, who take delight in preserving and torturing their victims. Lastly, if a Mage casts an Oblivion Portal on her study door with the evil intent to whisk away the first person who dares to knock and disturb her, neither the door nor the spell are the evil-doers here. The mage within, however, will wildly radiate some ill will.
Target: Self
Type: Special Effect
Range: 2 x SPS squares
Use: Normal.
Upkeep: SPS innings is max duration.

Trotting Torches (Magic)

The spell conjures a quartet of magic torches, which hover in the air around a specified target (within 12 SQR). These are wisps of ethereal light that have been pulled forth from the Etherlands. These can be clustered to appear as a single bonfire or as a group of adventurers marching along (trotting at a rate of up to 8 SQR per inning). Oft times, they are simply conjured for chamber illumination (each light illuminates two squares in all directions, a cumulative effect if clustered). At the spante, and if within a 12 SQR range, the mage can control where each moves and how high/low they float. Optionally, the mage can send the lights off in any direction up to 48 SQR away. A torch beyond a 12 SQR range cannot be recalled or controlled. A torch beyond a 48 SQR range fades completely in four innings (as they all will if the spell is not maintained); their light is not instantly extinguished.
Target: Other
Type: Special Effect
Range: 12 square control. 48 square upkeep.
Use: Normal
Upkeep: 1 spoint per spante (regardless of number of torches remaining). Light lingers for 4 innings beyond upkeep.

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